Welcome to the world of KYLE apparel. This crazy world was created by Lola KYLE and launched in 2020 to the world after years of meticulous planning.

With Comf-Luxe being the centre of the label’s muse for KYLE apparel, the effortlessly clean person was who the brand was being tailored for from the word “go”.

The aim is to build a legacy of clothing for You, myself and everyone that loves to look good and values quality meshed with functionality.

The apparel pieces are inspired by Lola KYLE’s life as a mother, friend, designer and lover of the culture.

Through the simple principle of making clothes out of love, anyone who enjoys a crisp tee or a well made two-piece can be a part of the detailed but minimal lifestyle brand.

We can’t walk around naked so It’s pretty simple really. This label is your comfy but cozy second skin. Welcome to KYLE’s world.